New York Italian Bread

In the early eighties, I lived in the East Village – not the trendy neighborhood it is today. I used to shop at the C Town on Fourth Street and First Ave. Palagonia Bread was the only bread you could buy after the local baker on 2nd Street and 1st Ave was forced out by the landlord. The way I like to eat bread is to brush it with olive oil, oregano, salt pepper and bake it 5 minute at 325ºF. Decent to delicious ciabattas are now available everywhere in the city, rendering Palagonia mediocre at best – certainly not the finest in the world. Never was.

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Junius Street - Brownsville, Brooklyn - © Frank H. Jump

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to the Neolithic era. The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times. – Wikipedia

At one time, Palagonia was the ONLY Italian bread you could buy at a corner deli. I wouldn’t call it the best anymore. Vincenzo is a fan of Cityline’s Rosamaria Bakery on 101st Street – if you want a really good semolina bread.Only buy breadand cookies stear clear fom cold cuts.  Another favorite of ours is Paneantico Bakery off 65th Street & 14th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

75-19 101st Avenue - Cityline - © Vincenzo Aiosa


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