Pane e Salame

Pane senza grassi - Fat free bread Panetteria Torino © Vincenzo Aiosa

Il salumiere - The cold cut guy Torino © Vincenzo Aiosa

Suino puro - Pure pork Torino   Vincenzo Aiosa

Puro suino - Pure pork Torino © Vincenzo Aiosa

From the left with Truffles, with Garlic,  with Barolo whine & below with special  fennel

Cold cuts in Italian home is  a main staple served with  all meals from breakfast to dinner appetizers, there always some sort of cold cuts or whole salami in the refrigerator, 2 or 3 slices between a piece and bread (Pane e Salame) nothing else no mayonnaise nor mustard is needed to satisfy hunger in a hurry depending on the region it is usually followed with a glass of whine no matter what time of day it is. My mom always brought home cold cuts on Saturday around 1pm and that is what we always had for lunch on that day Mortadella and hot Capicolla was and still is my favorite.

Check out Frank H. Jump’s Hams and Capocolli

Hams & Capocolli / Wallabout Provisions Co. Brooklyn Navy Yard - taken September, 1997


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