Last night @ The Farm On Adderley – Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump - Fading Ad Blog

After a 2.5 hour drive from the Poconos, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner @ The Farm. I have never been a fan of noisy restaurants, but Frank loves the food there, so and  I deferred. We were  immediately seated, and since we knew what we wanted we ordered as soon as the waiter showed up. It took him a bit to get to us since it was really crowded for a Sunday.

Frank ordered the special Spinach salad with pumpkin seeds and pickled red onion with a shaved soft Fontina-like cheese AND what every one has been raving about – the Kale-Lentil Soup. I ordered the Sirloin special with fork crushed Yukon gold potatoes w/olive oil and roasted cauliflower w/guanciale & golden raisins. My meal was absolutely delicious aside the fact that I could have used a larger cut of steak (I wanted it but I don’t need it). Frank was disappointed that his soup never arrived and when the waiter apologized and offered to bring it,  we declined since it was already late and we wanted to go home by then.  We got our check and upon checking it the soup was still there. OOPS I never read the bill –  I always pay the total but it was quickly  remedied. Frank still wants to go back and try this talked about soup.  I wont. I have no tolerance for bad service. I have been disappointed more than once. I drive so I am not relegated to the neighborhood near my house for good but overpriced food. – Enzo


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