Bread is the food of life

My family's favourite bakery in Torino, Italy. © Vincenzo Aiosa

Pane Pugliese (Puglia region style bread) © Vincenzo Aiosa

Apulia is an excellent region in which to grow grain, especially the hard wheat referred to as grano duro or semolina. There is a long tradition of bread making in Apulia, dating back to the Roman empire. The Pagnotta is the traditional bread, and is a large loaf which can weigh well over a kilo and up to ten. Today, formulae are found that specify both durum flour and 0 or 1 type flour. – Pane Pugliese

Serving bread is very important for a meal to be considered complete in Italian culture. Growing up I don’t think we ever had a single meal without bread.  I started early in the morning with Pane con caffè latte,  preferring it to biscuits.  Even to this day I crave it  at least once a week. Bread is even served in  most Chinese restaurants in Italy by request.


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  1. I’m looking forward to your next posting (without my help). 🙂

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