Purple Yam – A Rainy Day Treat – Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

Purple Yam - 1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn - 718.940.8188 - © Frank H. Jump

It’s the day after my fiftieth birthday and I decided to give myself a long awaited treat. Ever since I saw the new “pan-Asian” restaurant storefront pop up on the ever-changing Ditmas Park landscape, I’ve wanted to pop in – but never found the right moment – plus I live with a bit of a picky eater whose tastes are somewhat broader than the average diner, but still limited when it comes to Southeast Asian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino cuisine. So I’m alone on a rainy afternoon and decided to give myself a little birthday present.

Purple Yam - 1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn - 718.940.8188 - © Frank H. Jump

The Purple Yam on Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park is an exciting addition to the growing choices of places to dine out in our little corner of Brooklyn. If you would have told me ten years that a casual pan-Asian restaurant with a Filipino based menu would be opening up within walking distance of the Cortelyou Road stop on the N train I would have said “Get out!”

Granted, Filipino and Indonesian cuisines have had a hard time making a foothold on the East Coast in general – when only twenty years ago did Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines begin to become mainstays in Asian dining in Brooklyn. West Coasters have long appreciated “alternative” Asian cuisines, compared to the standard fare that was offered for decades by Americanized Mandarin and Szechuan menus here in the Tri-State area. But I’m glad to see there is finally a market for a more daring, less cliché Asian fare in our neighborhood.

Purple Yam - 1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn - 718.940.8188 - © Frank H. Jump

For brunch, I enjoyed the Fresh Lumpia with peanut and tamarind sauce as a starter. I requested some sambal (a hot chili paste condiment) with my appetizer and it looked as if the charming and eloquent chef Romy Dorotan (Romy and partner chef Amy Besa – formerly from Cendrillon in Soho) had whipped it up from scratch. As a main course I had a noodle dish – Pancit Luglug – thick rice noodles with ground pork and shrimp in a delicate but well-spiced sauce. So delicious. For dessert, I had the special Filipino lime meringue pie with a scoop of guava ice-cream and a raspberry sauce. Magnificent!

Purple Yam - 1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn - 718.940.8188 - © Frank H. Jump

Don’t wait for a rainy day to go to the Purple Yam! Support local businesses now.

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Sparacino Bakery closed And Comic Booklets opens!

Sparacino Bakery Brooklyn, © NY Vincenzo Aiosa

I discovered Sparacino Bakery in the nineties, when I had my shop on South First Street. The bread was very good but they had the tendencies  to run out of it,so must of the time there was no bread @ 4.30 in the afternoon.

What kept me going back was the fact that it was the only bakery in the neighborhood, and their unapologetic, rudeness with costumers who were not locals.

New York Italian Bread

In the early eighties, I lived in the East Village – not the trendy neighborhood it is today. I used to shop at the C Town on Fourth Street and First Ave. Palagonia Bread was the only bread you could buy after the local baker on 2nd Street and 1st Ave was forced out by the landlord. The way I like to eat bread is to brush it with olive oil, oregano, salt pepper and bake it 5 minute at 325ºF. Decent to delicious ciabattas are now available everywhere in the city, rendering Palagonia mediocre at best – certainly not the finest in the world. Never was.

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Junius Street - Brownsville, Brooklyn - © Frank H. Jump

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to the Neolithic era. The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times. – Wikipedia

At one time, Palagonia was the ONLY Italian bread you could buy at a corner deli. I wouldn’t call it the best anymore. Vincenzo is a fan of Cityline’s Rosamaria Bakery on 101st Street – if you want a really good semolina bread.Only buy breadand cookies stear clear fom cold cuts.  Another favorite of ours is Paneantico Bakery off 65th Street & 14th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

75-19 101st Avenue - Cityline - © Vincenzo Aiosa

Aunt Ethel’s Recipe Box

Aunt Ethel

A few year back  I helped clean an apartment in the Lower East Side,  since I am a pack rat  I kept a few things like this recipe box filled with original and  news paper clipping. Here is the  original aunt Ethel’s cheese cake  recipe in her own hand writing.Try them out let me know what you think

From Aunt Ethel's recipe box

A hard day’s night

Martha Kessler © Vincenzo Aiosa

Martha Kessler my right and left hand preparing Brioche di Cuneo.

Puff pastry square brushed with truffle oil stuffed with prosciutto triple cream brie (or soft cheese).

Cut puff pastry in 3×3 squares, brush with truffle oil,  place cheese and prosciutto fold and pinch corners, brush top  with olive oil place in baking sheet with parchment paper, bake for 15 minutes @ 350 in a preheated oven,  serve hot on a bed of greens.

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Martha, Frank,  Marianne & myself waiting , for the brioche to bake.

I the kitchen or serving in the dining room Randy is just great!

Finocchi bruciati / Burnt fennel By Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Fading Ad Blog © Frank H. Jump

Finocchio, Fennel , Anise

Finocchi Bruciati
Frank H . Jump

Fennel sickly sweet
Taste beneath my black-licoriced tongue
Unsavory medieval smoky vexed exaltations
Burnt bundles of seed-oil-soaked switches
Sticks of acrid anise star
Exploding silent supernovae
Bursting in flames beneath an Inquisitor’s
Bitter blackened blade
Millions of merry martyrs
Faery Satyrs,
Wizened witches,
Fey fakirs & swishy Svengalis
Floating putrid plasmatic
Plumes ascending
Imploding stench
Quelling gay panic
Across a Dark Ages Europe
Offerings to the unquenchable God
Overseer of eternal entrapment

Finocchio col gusto gravemente dolce
Sotto la mia lingua annerita dalla liquirizia
Immorale medievale fumosa noiosa esaltazione
Bruciati fasci di fruste imbevute con olio di semi finocchio
Acridi bastoni di anice stella
Esplosione silenziosa di supernova
Scoppiando in fiamme sotto uno Inquisitore
Amara annerita lama
Milioni di martiri allegri
Satire di fate
Streghe raggrinzite,
Fachiri effemminati e Maghi checche
Galleggianti putridi plasmatica
Pennacchi ascendenti
Implodendo odore di fallo
Sedare di panico omosessuale
Attraverso una Buia Europa dei secoli scorsi
Offerte a un Dio inappagabile
L’intrappolamento di sorveglianza eterna

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Bygone restaurants & businesses

R & L Restaurant- Florent © Frank H. Jump

Cause and effect by Florent Morellet

ALMOST 23 years ago a transplanted young Frenchman named Florent Morellet

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Day - O Restaurant West Village NY © Vincenzo Aiosa

The now closed Day Ho location is undergoing renovations we will keep you posted who will reopen

Behind the loud soul music, coconut lampshades, and metallic paint lurks a surprisingly intimate dinner atmosphere. So intimate that you’ll want to cozy up to all kinds of jerks